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Bill Brown – Currency and Corporate Dealer with leading Banks 1979-1999


2018- Director and Facilitator at “StormFin”.

2019- Affiliate “Hot Forex”

2000- Senior Executive at Forex Brief (Pty) Ltd. FSB Registered Treasury Intermediary.

Assisting Importers, Exporters, and Individuals

“Offering Foreign Exchange Strategies and Administrative Support”.

2022-  Director at Tradefin International Limited UK

“Facilitating Foreign Payments for Commodity Trades, Investments, Services and Commissions”.

Currency and Commodity Trading using Hot Forex Trading Platform

History 1979-1999:

Nedbank: Junior Dealer; Administer and Control Forward Currency Book

VMB: Currency Dealer; GBP, CHF, ZAR

ABSA: Senior Currency Dealer: ZAR

Marketing Interest Rate Derivatives and Currency Options.

Competitive Exchange Rates and Solutions

Competitive Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees for:

  • Importers, Exporters, Merchanting Companies and Agents
  • Individuals Sending and Receiving Funds for Services and Commissions from Offshore
  • Individuals moving funds offshore:

R1m Annual Discretionary Allowance

R10m Annual Investment Allowance And

  • Individuals Wanting an Offshore Account in their own Name with Internet Access.

Trading for your own Account

  • Trading is High Risk/High Reward
  • Only invest what you can afford to risk.
  • Intraday minute by minute trading, looking for small but consistent profits and requires hands on extensive monitoring.
  • Daily: strategic medium-term trading looking to enter trades at technical points with stop losses and take profits in place. Can be monitored remotely and does not require consistent monitoring.

Both trading systems require discipline and experience to be effective, so start small unless you are a seasoned trader and start building a nest egg.

I use the Hot Forex Platform which offers administrative and technical support and I prefer to trade strategically.

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Commercial Opportunities

Commercial opportunities involving commodities should only be considered using funds that you can afford to risk. Despite many checks and balances things can still go wrong with a commercial venture. However, some Transactions do offer good returns. If you are interested Click Here to find out more.

About Us

  • Importers and Exporters with Currency Exposure.
  • Individuals wanting to move Funds offshore.

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