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Facilitating the Movement of Funds to and from South Africa

Facilitate the movement of Funds Globally


2022 – 2023 Director Tradefin International Limited UK offering treasury services, facilitating foreign payments for commodity trades,Investments, Commission and fees

2018 – 2023 Senior Executive “StormFin”.

2000-2023 Senior Executive; Forex Brief Pty Ltd a Treasury Intermediary (FSB reg. No. 17492) Company

1979 – 1999Currency, Currency Options and Corporate Dealer with leading banks ABSA,Volkskas Merchant Bank and Nedbank

Competitive Exchange Rates and Solutions

Competitive Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees for:

  • Importers, Exporters, Merchanting Companies and Agents
  • Individuals Sending and Receiving Funds for Services and Commissions from Offshore
  • Individuals moving funds offshore:
  • R1m Annual Discretionary Allowance
  • R10m Annual Investment Allowance 
  • Individuals Wanting an Offshore Account in their own Name with Internet Access.

Offering a Currency Account Facility

  • Recieve Payment for Goods and Services.
  • Currency held in your name.
  • Disbursed in accordance with your instructions.
  • Converted at competative exchange rate.

Commercial Opportunities

Commercial opportunities involving commodities should only be considered using funds that you can afford to risk. Despite many checks and balances things can still go wrong with a commercial venture. However, some Transactions and projects do offer good returns.

About Us

  • Importers and Exporters with Currency Exposure.
  • Individuals want to receive from and send funds offshore

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Tel: +27 82 460 2557 | +44 74 132 97891

Email: info@stormfin.co.za

Location: Warrington UK